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Auxiliary tools to enhance your experience on GitHub

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By saml-to

Developer Friendly AWS Role Assumption

35 installs

AI Release Notes

By rainbow-labs

Release notes generated using the commit history in a PR and AI

Grit App

By getgrit

Software maintenance on autopilot

779 installs


By re-factor

Worry Less, Code More

Rewatch for GitHub

By rewatchtv

Create, link, and sync GitHub issues with Rewatch videos, action items, and comment threads

Open Buckets

By openbuckets is a security tool for identifying vulnerabilities in cloud storage buckets across various platform

Stack File

By stackshareio

Beautiful automated tech stack docs that live in your repos

546 installs

Hard Captcha

By VuCoKhoi

Captcha Decoder: Solve Any Captcha


By AwolDes

This bot reminds you about PRs and Issues (when you ask it to)

Statussync App

By Mujhtech

Sync with Third-party Services

11 installs
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