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# vim: set softtabstop=2 shiftwidth=2:
SHELL = bash
PUBLISHTAG = $(shell node scripts/publish-tag.js)
BRANCH = $(shell git rev-parse --abbrev-ref HEAD)
# these docs have the @VERSION@ tag in them, so they have to be rebuilt
# whenever the package.json is touched, in case the version changed.
version_mandocs = $(shell grep -rl '@VERSION@' docs/content \
|sed 's|.md|.1|g' \
|sed 's|docs/content/commands/|man/man1/|g' )
cli_mandocs = $(shell find docs/content/commands -name '*.md' \
|sed 's|.md|.1|g' \
|sed 's|docs/content/commands/|man/man1/|g' )
files_mandocs = $(shell find docs/content/configuring-npm -name '*.md' \
|sed 's|.md|.5|g' \
|sed 's|docs/content/configuring-npm/|man/man5/|g' )
misc_mandocs = $(shell find docs/content/using-npm -name '*.md' \
|sed 's|.md|.7|g' \
|sed 's|docs/content/using-npm/|man/man7/|g' )
mandocs = $(cli_mandocs) $(files_mandocs) $(misc_mandocs)
markdown_docs = $(shell for file in $(find lib/commands -name '*.js'); do echo docs/content/commands/npm-$(basename $file .js).md; done)
all: docs
docs: mandocs htmldocs $(markdown_docs)
# don't regenerate the snapshot if we're generating
# snapshots, since presumably we just did that.
mandocs: deps $(mandocs)
@ ! [ "$${npm_lifecycle_event}" = "snap" ] && \
! [ "$${npm_lifecycle_event}" = "postsnap" ] && \
TAP_SNAPSHOT=1 node test/lib/utils/config/definitions.js || true
$(version_mandocs): package.json
htmldocs: deps
node bin/npm-cli.js rebuild cmark-gfm
node docs/bin/dockhand.js
clean: docsclean gitclean
rm -rf man
node bin/npm-cli.js run resetdeps
## targets for man files, these are encouraged to be only built by running `make docs` or `make mandocs`
man/man1/%.1: docs/content/commands/ docs/bin/docs-build.js
@[ -d man/man1 ] || mkdir -p man/man1
node docs/bin/docs-build.js $< $@
man/man5/npm-json.5: man/man5/package.json.5
cp $< $@
man/man5/npm-global.5: man/man5/folders.5
cp $< $@
man/man5/%.5: docs/content/configuring-npm/ docs/bin/docs-build.js
@[ -d man/man5 ] || mkdir -p man/man5
node docs/bin/docs-build.js $< $@
man/man7/%.7: docs/content/using-npm/ docs/bin/docs-build.js
@[ -d man/man7 ] || mkdir -p man/man7
node docs/bin/docs-build.js $< $@
# Any time the config definitions description changes, automatically
# update the documentation to account for it
docs/content/using-npm/ docs/bin/config-doc.js lib/utils/config/*.js
node docs/bin/config-doc.js
mddocs: docs/bin/config-doc-command.js lib/utils/config/*.js lib/utils/cmd-list.js
@for file in $(shell find docs/content/commands -name 'npm-*.md'); do \
cmdname=$$(basename $$file .md) ;\
cmdname=$${cmdname##npm-} ;\
echo node docs/bin/config-doc-command.js $${file} lib/commands/$${cmdname}.js ;\
node docs/bin/config-doc-command.js $${file} lib/commands/$${cmdname}.js ;\
docs/content/commands/ lib/commands/%.js
node docs/bin/config-doc-command.js $@ $<
touch lib/utils/config/definitions.js
touch docs/bin/*.js
make docs
make mddocs
test-all: deps
node bin/npm-cli.js run test-all
node bin/npm-cli.js ls --omit=dev >/dev/null
git clean -fd
node bin/npm-cli.js rm -g -f npm
link: uninstall
node bin/npm-cli.js link -f --ignore-scripts
prune: deps
node bin/npm-cli.js prune --omit=dev --no-save --no-audit --no-fund
node scripts/git-dirty.js
publish: gitclean ls-ok link test-all docs prune
git push origin $(BRANCH) &&\
git push origin --tags &&\
node bin/npm-cli.js publish --tag=$(PUBLISHTAG)
release: gitclean ls-ok docs prune
@bash scripts/
.PHONY: all latest install dev link docs mddocs clean uninstall test-all man docsclean release ls-ok deps prune freshdocs