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Vladyslav vlady5love
Technology Enthusiast, Space Lover, Scientist

Hobbyist Andromeda Galaxy, Local Group, Virgo Supercluster, Laniakea Supercluster

Annalea Layton AnnaleaLayton
IT Professional | Cybersecurity 🔵Blue Team 🔵| Python Guru | SQL Master

Self-Employed Durham, NC

Alfeo Raymond Pheogrammer
Software Developer

Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Matthew Manning mattlovestech

GitHub New York City

Sam McKeown SamMcKeown
Data Analyst at ReviewPro. Generally curious about a lot of things. I like dogs, pizza, & turning bits of data into meaningful insights.

ReviewPro Barcelona, Catalunya

Ruel Daquioag RuelDaquioag
Become IT Professional
Jiten (Jits) Bhagat jits

Brighton & London, UK

Jasper Mayone j-dogcoder
Student Developer working on lots of fun projects. Founder and Developer of @VitalLink, @Its-Fishy, and @Cyaneus-Co

@Cyaneus-Co, @VitalLink, & @Its-Fishy

Arnob arn-ob
Thinker | Programmer | Builder | SRE

@tenminschool Dhaka,Bangladesh

markblackburn77 markblackburn77
Im Mark, 5'9, blue eyes, Into going to the Gym and Running... i live in glasgow (scotland) with my mum, dad & my big sister (and yes she is a pain in my ass) glasgow