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PayPal REST API Specifications

This repository contains the specification files for PayPal REST APIs.

You can try our REST APIs in Postman without a PayPal Developer account. Learn more in our Postman guide.

Run in Postman

Steps to generate code from the specification

Note: Spec file used: openapi/checkout_orders_v2.json


  1. npm run codegen-java -- openapi/checkout_orders_v2.json --artifact-id orders
  2. cd generated/java
  3. mvn clean install

The above will install the orders artifact to the local maven repository

Available scripts

 npm run
Scripts available in @paypal/paypal-rest-api-specifications@1.0.0 via `npm run-script`:
    redocly preview-docs
    redocly bundle
    redocly bundle -d true
    redocly --format summary lint
    spectral --format pretty lint
    openapi-generator-cli validate -i
    openapi-generator-cli generate -g java -o generated/java -i
    openapi-generator-cli generate -g typescript-node -o generated/typescript-node -i

Available specifications

OpenAPI 3.0.3

The OpenAPI specification is a programming language agnostic standard that lets providers describe the interface of their HTTP APIs. This allows both humans and machines to discover the capabilities of an API without needing to first read documentation or understand the implementation.

API Name Version Links
Add Tracking v1 OpenAPI, API Reference
Catalog Products v1 OpenAPI, API Reference
Disputes v1 OpenAPI, API Reference
Invoices v1 OpenAPI, API Reference
Invoices v2 OpenAPI, API Reference
Orders v1 OpenAPI, API Reference
Orders v2 OpenAPI, API Reference
Partner Referrals v1 OpenAPI, API Reference
Partner Referrals v2 OpenAPI, API Reference
Payment Experience v1 OpenAPI, API Reference
Payment Method Tokens v3 OpenAPI, API Reference
Payments v1 OpenAPI, API Reference
Payments v2 OpenAPI, API Reference
Payouts v1 OpenAPI, API Reference
Subscriptions v1 OpenAPI, API Reference
Transaction Search v1 OpenAPI, API Reference
Webhooks Management v1 OpenAPI, API Reference


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