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Hi there πŸ‘‹

Glad you found us!

We're training a new generation of designers and developers.

Want to learn to wield the power of the world's most powerful communication platform? In the shortest possible time - and have the most fun? With the least opportunity cost? Too good to be true... right? Not really. Learning "all by yourself" - is overrated. Do the math.

You are probably already a developer (because you are here). BUT, if you know someone just starting to learn - or even CS majors who want to learn UX and web developement - and you want to do them a huge favor, have them give us a call. We provide free advice and career guidance - with absolutely no pressure to choose our program. We only want to help people find the best path for them - because we never had that available to us. You can even get paid for successful referals.

It might be hard to believe ...

but we are just humans who want to help people. By assisting people to become courageous and responsible designers and developers - we are creating a better world. And - it's actually very selfish. You caught us! We like the idea of a better world - because we'll be living here - until we die. ; )

(link ^ to Killer Mike's thoughts on school). We agree. We need more power to more people ASAP. Help us to nominate people for our scholarship programs.

Our site should explain it all.


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