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Mailchimp Open Commerce

Open source JavaScript commerce platform.


  1. cli cli Public

    A command line tool for creating, developing and deploying Open Commerce projects

    JavaScript 4 9

  2. reaction reaction Public

    Mailchimp Open Commerce is an API-first, headless commerce platform built using Node.js, React, GraphQL. Deployed via Docker and Kubernetes.

    JavaScript 12.2k 2.2k

  3. reaction-admin reaction-admin Public

    Reaction Admin

    JavaScript 88 82

  4. example-storefront example-storefront Public

    Example Storefront is Reaction Commerce’s headless ecommerce storefront - Next.js, GraphQL, React. Built using Apollo Client and the commerce-focused React UI components provided in the Storefront …

    JavaScript 605 286

  5. docs docs Public

    3 9

  6. kinetic kinetic Public

    Kinetic introduces a suite of opinionated admin tools that internal teams can use to manage and run their stores on Open Commerce.

    TypeScript 5 2


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