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From gaming with your eyes to coding with AI: New frontiers for accessibility

With open source, developers with disabilities can contribute, collaborate, and participate like never before.

Rohan Gupta

Invite the critics and keep learning

Rohan, aka Blue Edge, on gaining different perspectives, maintaining a growth mindset, and staying true to yourself.

Mikio Braun

The unique origins of open source in machine learning

How open source came to dominate machine learning and what that means for today.

Ryn Daniels

How to put the plus in ‘staff+’ engineer

Whether you’re already a staff+ engineer or you’re looking to advance, here’s how to be a force multiplier for your teams and organization

Lisa Vanderschuit // Shopify

Help your team sustain a healthy work-life balance

Finding clarity, focus, and agency in day-to-day work.

The ReadME Project amplifies the voices of the developer community by telling stories about:


Innovation without barriers

Reframing disability and accessibility, playing Minecraft with your eyes, and what AI means for the future of accessibility.

Claudio Wunder // Hubspot

Find edge case errors in your code base

GitHub Copilot offers some surprising benefits for solving particularly stubborn problems.

Featured Article

The modern web’s underrated powerhouse

It’s one of the most important yet under-appreciated building blocks of the internet.


Co-maintaining openness

The benefits of collaborative maintainership, lessons learned from vintage technology, and tips for getting started with community building.

Jess Pomfret // Data Masterminds

Improve productivity through incremental automation

Small enhancements to daily workflows can have an outsized impact on the amount of available space in our day.

The ReadMe Podcast

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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

How maximalism creeps into places where it doesn’t belong, finding mentors, following what energizes you, and the power of Ping Pong.


Let the games begin

Getting real about VR, the role of open source in game dev, a new perspective on functional programming, and more

Featured Articles

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What’s in a name? Moving GitOps beyond buzzword

An open source effort to define GitOps might save it from becoming just another buzzword.

Developer Stories

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Santosh Yadav

Out of the slums and into open source

Using software development as a path out of poverty, Santosh knows a little support goes a long way.

Leonardo Javier Russo // MobilityLauncher

Raising the bar for open source standards

Leonardo is working toward a future where everyone can seamlessly participate in open source.

Jana Iris

Building super fans through genuine human connections

Jana’s successful career is driven by her empathy and love for the developer community.

Avi Press

The purest form of collaboration

Avi on the beauty of open source, versatility of computer science, and a viable solution to support burnt-out maintainers.


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Prince Shekhar Valluri // LinkedIn

Enterprise code migration with developer happiness in mind

Transformational change without a big bang.

Will Larson // Calm

Move past incident response to reliability

We once relied on crossed fingers and optimism as our first line of defense, but there’s a better way.

Amit Saha

Middleware for web applications: it’s not just for enterprises

Write cleaner, more maintainable code—and reuse it in many different contexts.

Naveen Srinivasan & Brian Russell // OpenSSF

In Scorecard we trust

How to strengthen your software supply chain security, improve best practices, and build trust in your projects.

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