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Nick Penston // Fidelity Investments

Scaling standards and community in your organization

Learn how to implement open source community ideas to spread best practices.

Tramale Turner // Action IQ

Turbulent times call for adaptive leadership

Learn what adaptive leadership is, how it compares to other leadership styles, and how you can adopt its principles.

Aaron Francis // PlanetScale

Finish your projects

Don’t let fear, or that last 10%, hold you back.


Fusing tech and progress

How open source is powering nuclear fusion research, advise for fortifying your career against change, and practical tips to get going with Git and GitHub.

Dr. Johanna Pirker

Twitch: A game changer for developers

Gaming technologies offer real benefits for virtual spaces.

Jerome Hardaway // Microsoft

Junior to senior: An action plan for engineering career success

Enhance your engineering career prospects using this systematic guide for skill development and growth.

Ryn Daniels

How to put the plus in ‘staff+’ engineer

Whether you’re already a staff+ engineer or you’re looking to advance, here’s how to be a force multiplier for your teams and organization

Dave Farley // Continuous Delivery Ltd.

What is “engineering for software?”

Applying scientific-style reasoning to improving our chances of success.


Build your own luck

A new co-host, a new format, a functional programming renaissance, and strategies to increase your luck.

Mahmoud Hashemi // Stripe

Intentional creation

Tap into creativity with the 4 Cs: Consume, critique, curate, create.

Kathy Korevec // Vercel

Interview the interviewer

It’s not presumptuous to turn the tables on an interviewer.

Dana Lawson // Netlify

Hiring technical talent: An exercise in clarity, patience, and preparation

The two-way experience is as much about technical skills as it is about team fit.

Lorin Hochstein // Netflix

Making operational work more visible

How to shoulder-surf remotely and learn from the experiences of others.

Monica Powell // Newsela

How to hone your new superpower: teaching

In part two of Monica's series on the value of documentation, she discusses the mindset, process and benefits of public documentation.

Scott Triglia // Stripe

Using ‘Roofshots’ to make impossible decisions

A developer superpower to tackle complicated projects.

Featured Article

The secrets to onboarding new open source contributors

Mentorship and documentation are the keys to making open source a better place for everyone.

David Noël-Romas // Stripe

Time management for makers

As makers, software engineers should adopt these seven essential habits.

Cassidy Williams // Contenda

Get your first software developer job

Tips, tricks, and general advice for how to get in the door in tech.

Jerome Hardaway // Vets Who Code

Teaching in public with GitHub

Uplift others by sharing your knowledge.

Angie Jones // Applitools

Demystifying developer advocacy

A seasoned developer advocate's answers to the most common DevRel FAQs.


Quitting a steady job to chase intuition

Babel maintainer Henry Zhu on taking a leap of faith with open source.


From a 3D side project to the dream job

A full-time, community-backed maintainer, Gina sets boundaries but stays visible.

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