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Red Hat GitHub Actions

Actions to improve your OpenShift developer experience 😄


  1. buildah-build buildah-build Public

    GitHub Action to use 'buildah' to build a container image.

    TypeScript 129 34

  2. push-to-registry push-to-registry Public

    GitHub Action to push a container image to an image registry.

    TypeScript 88 30

  3. openshift-tools-installer openshift-tools-installer Public

    Download, install and cache OpenShift binaries into your GitHub Actions runners.

    TypeScript 22 24

  4. oc-login oc-login Public

    GitHub Action to log in to an OpenShift cluster and set up a Kubernetes context.

    TypeScript 25 20

  5. openshift-actions-runners openshift-actions-runners Public

    GitHub Action self-hosted runner images for OpenShift.

    Shell 44 42

  6. openshift-actions-runner-installer openshift-actions-runner-installer Public

    GitHub Action to detect and create a self-hosted runner in Kubernetes.

    TypeScript 24 15


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