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I am a support engineer and open source enthusiast from California.

I work on the Enterprise Support Team at GitHub

I maintain a few open source projects, and contribute to others!


More time for open source and hosting fee offsets.

Featured work

  1. djdefi/rpi-jenkins

    Jenkins in Docker for Raspberry Pi (RPi) / ARM

    Dockerfile 20
  2. djdefi/gitavscan

    Git Anti-Virus Scan Action - Detect trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats.

    Shell 29
  3. djdefi/cloc-action

    GitHub Action to Count Lines of Code with

    Dockerfile 9
  4. djdefi/rss-firehose

    Aggregate RSS feeds into a light page

    HTML 5
  5. djdefi/ghe-admin-containers

    Docker images for GitHub Enterprise admins

    Dockerfile 4

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