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I write:

  • Open Source Software
  • loads of TypeScript
  • native web components
  • CSS
  • Node.js
  • NPM packages
  • Raspberry Pi projects

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Enable my continued development of open-source tools.

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Featured work

  1. electrovir/prettier-plugin-multiline-arrays

    Prettier plugin to force array elements to wrap onto new lines.

    TypeScript 119
  2. electrovir/statement-parser

    Parse bank and credit card statements

    TypeScript 22
  3. electrovir/catch-exit

    Catch Node.js exit conditions, including errors and unhandled rejections, and fire callbacks.

    TypeScript 12
  4. electrovir/pdf-text-reader

    Dead simple pdf text reader

    TypeScript 15
  5. electrovir/ws2812draw

    Easy to use package for drawing to a ws2812 LED matrix

    C 4

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