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"Techno Tim" - creating free and open source code, blogs, and video content.
I participate on several open-source projects, notably `async-graphql` where I am the creator of the apollo-studio extension. I'm also doing a codegen to make a Data-Oriented Service Mesh.
Hi! 👋 I'm Alexis Rouillard a french freelance DevOps Developer & UI/UX designer based in Nantes, France.
The Marlin Firmware group is constantly working to make 3D printing better, faster, and more reliable. We love 3D printing and see a great future in this technology. You can help out. Bring your skills, become a sponsor, and tell a friend!
Odin is a general-purpose programming language with distinct typing built for high performance, modern systems and data-oriented programming. Odin is the C alternative for the Joy of Programming.
Hi, all! My main job is a front-end developer. I love static code analysis tools. I'm an active contributor to some OSS. I'm member of @vuejs, @sveltejs, @stylelint, @stylus, @eslint, @eslint-community and @intlify. Owner of cheetah-grid.
Native Android and iOS developer. My apps are always free and without ads! So a donation is very much appreciated :)
The MetaBrainz Foundation is a non-profit that believes in free, open access to data. Our goal is to build community maintained databases using open source software and make them available under Creative Commons licenses.
Street Side Software helps developers around the world to write better code. Its VS Code spell checker has been downloaded over 8 million times, The `cspell` CLI tool is used in CI/CD pipelines to keep code free of spelling issues.
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