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An API can be thought of as an instruction manual for communication between multiple software apparatuses. For example, an API may be used for database communication between web applications. By extracting the implementation and relinquishing data into objects, an API simplifies programming.

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matheusfelipeog commented Mar 17, 2022

Hi community

This message is to clarify and make transparent the current situation of Public APIs, in addition to demonstrating the frustration of us maintainers. So read this if you find it interesting, please.

Well, I keep the Public APIs project together with other 3 developers (@pawelborkar, @marekdano and @yannbertrand) for a long time.

1 year ago, the Public APIs project was dead, w

good first issue important
tiangolo commented Jun 12, 2020

First check

  • I added a very descriptive title to this issue.
  • I used the GitHub search to find a similar issue and didn't find it.
  • I searched the FastAPI documentation, with the integrated search.
  • I already searched in Google "How to X in FastAPI" and didn't find any information.
  • I already read and followed all the tutorial in the docs and didn't find an answ
enhancement good first issue confirmed
sujaydeymountblue commented May 31, 2020

Describe the bug
At the time of registration, email has not been validated correctly http://localhost:1337/admin/auth/register

Expected behavior
An email should be valid in all aspect like

  • should check valid domain, well-formed and valid mailbox

invalid email1:

issue: enhancement severity: low good first issue
Gunni commented Oct 13, 2021

Describe the bug
A clear and concise description of what the bug is.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to realtime
  2. Paste url wss://
  3. Observe connect is disabled
  4. Remove parameter, quickly undo it and click connect (also a bug)
  5. Send { "type": "ris_subscribe" } to the remote server
  6. Observe you receive
bug good first issue
curquiza commented Jun 29, 2022

In Meilisearch we don't want to use Dependabot since we have a loooooot of dependencies and Dependabot updates them one by one

Using the cron event in a GitHub Actions, we want a CI that creates a new issue every 3 months in this repository with

  • title: "Upgrade dependencies"

  • description:
    "We need to update the dependencies of the Meilisearch repository, and, if possible, the dependen

good first issue dependencies maintenance contribution accepted
sandrosc commented Jun 30, 2022

Describe the Bug

A repeater with two input fields generates an OpenAPI spec that indicates the return value is a list of strings:

  nullable: true
  type: array
    type: string

When actually it returns a list of objects:

  { title: 'a title', text: 'a text' },
  { title: 'another title', text: 'another text'}

The repeater:

API Bug Good First Issue