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Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.

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dgsardina commented Nov 28, 2019

Small feature request. I am using helmfile for the deployment of our k8s infrastructure and wanted to use sops for encryption of secrets. I need to use the --keyservice but as I am calling sops inside a wrapper (helmfile) of a wrapper (helm secrets) I cannot pass this variable to sops in a clean way.

Could you provide an alternative way to provide this option to sops in the .sops.conf and/or i

msingstad commented Jun 8, 2022

Issue Type: Bug

When you have a long list of changes when doing a Schema Compare the list scrolls to the top after check/unchecking a file at the bottom.

  1. Do a Schema Compare that produces changes longer than the UI can show in one screen.
  2. Scroll down and uncheck a file.
  3. The window will scroll to the top.
  4. Get frustrated when you have to scroll down to uncheck another fil
Bug Area - Schema Compare Impact: UI Good First Issue
harishachappa commented Jun 6, 2022

Describe the issue
Checkov skips terraform file when it can't parse a file. When you are using checkov in gitlab ci pipeline with junitxml output, it will be better to include such erros in 'Errors' list instead of ignoring them.


resource "aws_alb" "alb" {
  name                             = "foobar-nlb"
  load_balancer_type               = "network"
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brunocous commented Sep 2, 2020

I have a simple regression task (using a LightGBMRegressor) where I want to penalize negative predictions more than positive ones. Is there a way to achieve this with the default regression LightGBM objectives (see If not, is it somehow possible to define (many example for default LightGBM model) and pass a custom regression objective?

cbellee commented Mar 28, 2022


New-AzPortalDashboard fails to parse a hashtable converted from a JSON dashboard definition downloaded from the portal.
The attached JSON dashboard definition was downloaded from an existing simple dashboard definition created in the portal in order to test creating a new dashboard definition using PowerShell. The commands and output are shown below.


Investigate 🔍 bug good first issue Portal
sistoimenov commented Nov 22, 2018

My goal is to view the available/installed artifacts on a VM in dev test lab.

By calling:

az lab vm show --lab-name $DevTestLabName --name $VmName--resource-group $ResourceGroupName

It displays a json response in which there is an "artifacts" property but its value is null.

When I try to use the --expand parameter as it is described in the documentation it returns an error:

Documentation Service Attention Devtestlab good first issue
lmazuel commented Jan 4, 2020

There is several tests that call httbin or bing, and they can't pass if there is no network. Need to find a way todo an actual HTTP request, with the less possible mock so we're confident it's working as expected.

I think I remember httpbin can be install locally, maybe that?

To investigate.

Client Azure.Core help wanted good first issue

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Released February 1, 2010