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Bash (Bourne Again Shell) is a shell and command language interpreter for the GNU operating system. It is meant to be an improved version of Bourne Shell.

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davesteinberg commented Jun 15, 2020

After using Bash-it very happily on Linux, I'm now trying it on macOS (10.15.5, with bash 3.2.57), and I'm having all sorts of weird line break/line wrap problems. The problems seem to stem from scm_prompt_info, as they don't appear when I'm using a theme that doesn't use it or when I'm not in a git repo.

The problems I'm seeing include unexpected line breaks in the middle of my prompt, early

onehungrygeek commented Jan 6, 2019

Thanks a ton for any helpful feedback

I need help with getting best quality GIFs.

I am not used to CSS syntax so it would be amazing if you add a lot of example config.yml files. Also, try adding config.yml files for the GIFs you are displaying in your They look fantastic. I have spent hours trying to get perfect GIF but no luck.

I don't know what value to give for shadow

good first issue

Created by Brian Fox

Released June 8, 1989


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