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Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency developed by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Bitcoin is used as a digital payment system. Rather than use traditional currency (USD, YEN, EURO, etc.) individuals may trade in, or even mine Bitcoin. It is a peer-to-peer system, and transactions may take place between users directly.

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briankudera commented Nov 24, 2021

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Currently it seems the max_open_trades can have significant impact on profit. The only way I have been able to find a good number is to run several back

Enhancement Good first issue Hyperopt
lyoshenka commented Apr 20, 2021

Creating a new issue based on lbryio/lbry-sdk#877

  • Update ensure_directory_exists() to check that the directory is writable by the current process.
  • If it's not, return a useful error
  • Add tests to cover the case when
    • download directory does not exist
    • download dir exists but is not writable
    • dir exists an
type: improvement help wanted good first issue area: downloads
Crypt-iQ commented Jun 27, 2022

The fuzz tests we have don't run on my machine anymore with go1.18. dvyukov/go-fuzz is basically deprecated at this point. We should upgrade to language-native testing.F even if it's not that great yet.

Basically the fuzz tests should stay the same, but the build step is changed:

  • remove make-level fuzz references
  • fuzz tests that don't need to import from other packages can live in
help wanted golang/build system good first issue fuzzing
pavlenex commented Jun 29, 2022

We introduced a concept of receipts, a public information any customer can access in #3612.

Currently, it can be visible to the end-user if it's sent over by email via the API, or something along those lines.
Once we're done reconstructing our invoice checkout page in #3567 I think we could add a button somewhere that would simply say receipt similar to what we have with back to store butt

UI / UX good first issue Invoice

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Released January 3, 2009

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