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Command line interface

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Before there were graphical user interfaces, command-line interfaces were used to issue commands to a computer. Programs that handle the user interface are called command language interpreters, often known as a shell. A CLI may give a user more control over the computer and programs they wish to execute.

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🙃 A delightful community-driven (with 2,000+ contributors) framework for managing your zsh configuration. Includes 300+ optional plugins (rails, git, macOS, hub, docker, homebrew, node, php, python, etc), 140+ themes to spice up your morning, and an auto-update tool so that makes it easy to keep up with the latest updates from the community.

  • Updated Jul 4, 2022
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0x326 commented Jun 27, 2022

Would it be possible for bat to read from the hidden_file_extensions property of .sublime-syntax files in addition to the file_extension property? For some projects, file types are have a different extension than usual, such as XML in C# and VB.NET projects (.csproj and .vbproj are written in XML syntax). These less common extensions seem to be already listed in some .sublime-syntax f

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GadgetSteve commented Dec 11, 2021

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A number of options have a -L or --limit option with defaults (20 or 30) and can be supplied with a --limit n where n is a positive integer option, e.g.:

gh issue list --state=open --limit=2000 --json=number

However, if the user needs to get a list of all of the open issue numbers they need to either guess how many the

Stratus3D commented Feb 10, 2019

Steps to reproduce

Run asdf. In help output a line is printed for the asdf env command:

asdf env <command> [executable]      Prints or runs an executable under a command environment

I would assume <command> is an arbitrary command. But from what I can tell needs to be a plugin name or a shim name? I'm also not sure how this differs from executing the shim directly.


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Released 1965