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mkielar commented Jun 15, 2022

Terraform Version

Terraform v1.2.2
on linux_amd64
+ provider v4.18.0
+ provider v3.3.1
+ provider v0.5.1
+ provider v1.7.10

Git version

git version 2.25.4

Terraform Configuration Files

  1. This works, b
bug config good first issue confirmed
reedacus25 commented Mar 30, 2022

I tried to use the state aptpkg.held as shown in the documentation, only for that state to apparently not exist.

I tried looping through state modules such as apt, pkg, and aptpkg with hold and held states, to find apt.held as the actually correct usage.

$ for major in apt pkg ap
Documentation severity-medium help-wanted doc-correction

The autoscaling simulation toolbox provides tools to experiment with policies for multilayered autoscaling (inc. VM clusters and applications). Multiverse simulator is the core of the toolbox. Using it, one can evaluate autoscaling policies under different conditions, including various applications, platforms, and workloads.

  • Updated May 7, 2021
  • Python

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