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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a language used most often to style and improve upon the appearance of websites. It allows for the separation of presentation and content, and includes the characteristics of layouts, colors and fonts. CSS builds upon HTML to make webpages more interactive and appealing to the user.

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supernes commented May 31, 2022

🐛 bug report

Live reloading on changes and HMR work as expected, until an HTML page includes a "classic" (non-module) script.

🎛 Configuration (.babelrc, package.json, cli command)

"browserslist": "> 0.5%, last 2 versions, not dead",
"devDependencies": {
  "parcel": "^2.5.0",
  "posthtml-expressions": "^1.9.0",
  "posthtml-extend": "^0.6.3",
  "posthtml-include": "^1.7.
chabou commented Apr 15, 2018

We are currently adding Hyper CLI path to user PATH in Windows registry:

A caveat is that environment variables are cached and users should open and validate "Edit environment variables for your account" dialog to force a cache refresh (or simply reboot their workstation).

help wanted good first issue 🖼 Platform: Windows ⌨️ CLI tool

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