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Bartel-C8 commented May 9, 2022

Website or app

Repro steps

Use latest React DevTools with Electron (Chromium) (18.2.0 / Chromium 100)

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    Manifest version 2 is deprecated, and support will be removed in 2023. See https://
emmanuelle commented Nov 28, 2019

Most items coming from questions on the community forum

documentation good first issue
tsandall commented Apr 23, 2022

The MISCELLANEOUS top-level section in the docs navigation has grown organically over time. It feels like it's time to reorganize the content under MISCELLANEOUS that it's easier for people to find and more consistent.


Here's my proposal for where the conten

samijaber commented Jun 27, 2022

Currently, Mitosis components are not able to get correct JSX runtime types. We are doing things the old school way: exporting a global JSX interface. This conflicts with react types.

We should do things the new way, by providing a JSX interface that is exported at the jsx-runtime exports of package.json, and then consumers will need to add jsxImportSource: '' to `tsc

bug good first issue core TypeScript
mahmoud commented May 9, 2018

Right now the tutorial is coherently designed, tested, and even documented. However, it doesn't build up in a way that's very beginner friendly. It establishes glom's value and then immediately uses it at an intermediate level.

I'd like it if it was a bit more drawn out to use basic features first and then add a multi-line Coalesce as the

help wanted good first issue
authorjapps commented Aug 5, 2020

I want a documentation or Wiki page where the expected vs actual field matching is explained
So that I can use these in my test automation to test the server response payloads and headers
e.g. id=123 , id="123", isValid=true, isValid="true" etc


Cover the following currently supported mechanisms with examples

  • $EQ
  • (int)
  • (float) or (decimal)
  • (boolean)
ChillyBots commented Apr 22, 2021

Hey guys, thanks for the great bindings... I was really starting to miss formik ;-)

So I've noticed there was a bit of refs discussion about a year ago:

and it seems like the inputs got some special ref love, but the select didnt - any chance of adding ref support to all components?

enhancement good first issue
mefechoel commented Aug 15, 2020

Some CSS should be added to the examples, to show some basic techniques on how to style an app in an accessible way.

Focus outlines should be explained, as they are very relevant to the project (see #10).

Maybe Custom inputs, e.g. checkboxes, since they are very easy to make inaccessible.
Maybe add some more information and linked articles to the readme.

documentation good first issue a11y

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