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BlackHole1 commented Jun 9, 2022

@BlackHole1 OK, so I realized I didn't have the "Not downloaded" option checked. Checked that option, and suddenly all the available versions popped up.

Functionally, I'm fine, no more problems. But that wasn't very intuitive for me. I'd suggest separating the "Not downloaded" option, since it's not related to the Stable/Beta/Nightly channels. I'd also suggest having the "Not downloaded" option

MartinZikmund commented Nov 20, 2021

Describe the bug

The TwoPaneView sets up m_windowSizeChangedRevoker, m_pane1LoadedRevoker and m_pane2LoadedRevoker but it seems they are never revoked. Am I missing something and is it intentional or is it a oversight?

Steps to reproduce the bug

Looking into the code 👀

Expected behavior

No response


No response

NuGet package version


good first issue help wanted area-TwoPaneView team-Controls

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