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vadimkantorov commented May 7, 2021

I'm making a client-side code editor with rudimentary Git support, and syntax highlighting for diff/patch files would be really nice - a way to view the whole diff in a single window (alternative to existing diffeditor - with similar colors to git diff console coloring), maybe would be useful for others too. asks to create issues in this repo...

ekkl commented Jul 9, 2018
  1. Select theme with thick strip in line number block.
  2. Save and restart. Open some file. Нou see that the first characters of the lines are hidden under stripe.
  3. Open another file. All display properly.
  4. If you see carefully that the whole block with line numbers in the first case is shifted to the left.
    First file
    First file
codemirror good first issue bug
bjorn commented Jun 18, 2021

The Terrain Brush can fill full tiles by holding Control. It is mentioned in the manual, but it would be nice if this feature was easier to discover. Also some people may want this mode to be the default, so that they don't have to hold Control all the time.

I'd suggest we add a toggle button, or two buttons to switch between, to the toolbar for the Terrain Brush. It should allow changing the c

usability good first issue

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