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davorpa commented Apr 12, 2022

What does this PR do?

Improve repo

For resources


Added a small definition about programming/coding playgrounds for making it understandable to beginners

Why is this valuable (or not)?

Copy the definition merged in #6822 into the rest of CONTRIBUTING files, opening a 3 weeks window to translate it by our comunity


  • Read our [contribu
good first issue help wanted 🗣 translations 🗣 locale:es
lmccart commented May 9, 2018

Hi 👋👋👋

We are using this issue to focus on documentation! Documentation is essential for new learners and experienced programmers alike. It helps make our community inclusive by extending a friendly hand to those that are less familiar with p5.js. It also helps us find the bugs and issues with the code itself, because we test and try things out as we document.

[There are several ways to con


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