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heinezen commented Jan 22, 2021

Required skills: Cython

Difficulty: Medium

Animation frames from AoE2 graphics files are packed into a texture atlas by the openage converter. We use bin packing to find the optimal arrangement (= smallest atlas dimensions) of the frames in the atlas. Bin packing becomes computationally intensive if a lot of frames are packed (look

improvement python assets good first issue
vilhelmmelkstam commented Aug 18, 2021

The sidebar for the API Docs in the dashapp has position: sticky. This works well for when the sidebar content fits onto the screen, but when it doesn't it doesn't scroll independently from the main content (like it does for the Encore docs or the API Docs on So for when the main content is large (> 50000 px for us at the moment), you have to scroll all the way down to be able t

bug good first issue

Cocos Engine is an open-source framework for building 2D & 3D real-time rendering and interactive contents, especially video games, which can be deployed to mobile, desktop and web. It is inherited from the legacy Cocos2d-x with a redesigned modern architecture. To run this engine, please download Cocos Creator.

  • Updated Jun 26, 2022
  • C++
BielBdeLuna commented Apr 12, 2022

Describe the bug
In Linux when the engine loads, it detects that there is EFX capabilities but then states that EAX 2 is out of the question.

Expected behavior
shoudln't EAX usage be replaced by EFX usage? and if so maybe this should be indicated when the sound is loaded, isn't it?

BugTrap error report

SOUND: OpenAL: enumerate devices...
SOUND: OpenAL: EnumerationExtensi
abbasc52 commented Feb 10, 2021

RulesEngine has many amazing features but lacks detailed documentation on those.

  • Json based rules defination
  • Multiple input support
  • Dynamic object input support
  • C# Expression support
  • Extending expression via custom class/type injection
  • Scoped parameters
  • Post rule execution actions

Please comment on which feature you feel needs more/improved documentation.

documentation help wanted good first issue

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