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Firebase is a mobile app development platform that provides data analysis and database web services for developers. Firebase provides developers with an API that enables the integration of online statistical analysis and database communication into their applications.

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betterthanever2 commented Jun 30, 2022

Feature request

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Each table has a non-required "Description" field. Right now, to see the contents of that field, you need to click Edit table. It would be nice to have that text shown in the Table Editor UI.

Describe the solution you'd like

An additional block right above the table (provided that the field 'Descri

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feinstein commented Jun 15, 2022

As shown in this issue the CLI doesn't support Android Flavors and Dimensions or iOS Schemes and Targets, so we can't use the CLI to setup our Firebase projects.

Until recently the setup docs included manual instructions and automated instructions, but now there's only the automated option through the CLI, leaving everyone with flavors/s

type: documentation type: enhancement good first issue
sharadregoti commented Dec 18, 2020

The problem faced currently?

While adding an ingress route, or a target in ingress route.
If by mistake white space gets added to the route or host. We get the error specified route not found or unable to reach the specified target

How can we solve it?

Mission control should remove the white space if present before saving the config

If you want this feature to be implemented, gi

good first issue area/mission-control
brunobowden commented Oct 26, 2020


Add basic pre-commit hooks to the repo. To catch, for example, broken symlinks (WorldHealthOrganization/app#1670)

Possible config file. Should be run against every file in the existing tree to see what issues might come up.

# .pre-commit-config.yaml
-   repo:
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Created by James Tamplin, Andrew Lee

Released April 2012