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TheDragonkeeper commented Jun 13, 2022

Godot version

4.0 alpha 9

System information

Windows 10

Issue description

Trying to change scene using change_scene() whilst having a LineEdit node present within the scene being loaded and having a forced displayed caret causes an error:

Timer was not added to the SceneTree. Either add it or set autostart to true.

Steps to reproduce

Create a scene
add a LineEdit node

emilk commented Feb 20, 2021

Tracking issue for improving the egui docs. Other suggestions for improvements welcome!

All doc-examples need to be part of the doctests (i.e. they should never be marked ignore, though no_run can maybe sometimes be motivated).


The crate-level docs for egui (at generated from egui/src/ sh

help wanted good first issue docs and examples
mrhelmut commented May 23, 2022

MonoGame has a very long history of tutorials, some are as old as a decade and some even are still based on XNA (which is compatible with MonoGame for the most part, but different in regard to how to start a project).

Also, MonoGame is a stable API with a policy of "no breaking changes" when possible, which means that even very old tutorials

Documentation Help Wanted Good First Issue

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