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jofpin commented Jan 22, 2020

It has been a pleasure for me to contribute to all of you 2 versions of this tool.

I've been working on other open source projects that I'm about to release for you, so I haven't finished trape version 3.0.

But, I invite you and the entire community that has used this project, to collaborate with some lines of code, implementing your own ideas and improving trape, turning it into a project o

sundowndev commented Feb 1, 2022

User should be able to choose which scanner they want to run at each scan in the CLI. We should provide a way to skip one or more scanners. A disable flag could help on that.


$ phoneinfoga scan -n <number> -D ovh
$ phoneinfoga scan -n <number> --disable googlesearch
$ phoneinfoga scan -n <number> -D ovh -D googlesearch


The filter logic shoul

kind/feature good first issue
bachig26 commented May 18, 2022

Provide us a use case of the feature

How could the user invoke the new function?
add the # before the arguments similar to text editor comment addition.

Which problem would it solve?
prevent every arguments provided in the args.txt file, this function needed for session case, if needed can be executed or not silent the argument.

Describe the solution you'd like


feature suggestion good first issue

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