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hartman commented May 2, 2022


The viewport overflows because of the use of left:-3000em within a rtl html layout

Steps to reproduce

Explain in detail the exact steps necessary to reproduce the issue.
Using the default skin. Set:

	controlBar: {
		volumePanel: {
			vertical: true,
			inline: false

Open a videojs player within a <html dir="rtl">-layout



视频播放器(IJKplayer、ExoPlayer、MediaPlayer),HTTPS,支持弹幕,外挂字幕,支持滤镜、水印、gif截图,片头广告、中间广告,多个同时播放,支持基本的拖动,声音、亮度调节,支持边播边缓存,支持视频自带rotation的旋转(90,270之类),重力旋转与手动旋转的同步支持,支持列表播放 ,列表全屏动画,视频加载速度,列表小窗口支持拖动,动画效果,调整比例,多分辨率切换,支持切换播放器,进度条小窗口预览,列表切换详情页面无缝播放,rtsp、concat、mpeg。

  • Updated Jun 26, 2022
  • Java


  • Updated May 26, 2022
  • Java
ruizcw commented Feb 6, 2018

Would it be possible to see if you already "thumbed up" a song by clicking on the menu bar button (to get to the menu, shown in the attached screenshot) via a check mark icon or a thumbs up icon next to the "Thumbs Up" option or via a separate entry within the menu (that would say, for example, "Thumbed Up")? This would be so much easier than having to open a new window by clicking on "Show" every

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