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The Raspberry Pi is a popular single-board computer designed to promote the teaching of computer science in schools. The use of the Raspberry Pi computer ranges from robotics to home automation. Many variations of the Raspberry Pi exist, such as the Raspberry Pi Zero, which is smaller than the more powerful Raspberry Pi 4.

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averelon commented Aug 7, 2020

The uncompensated temperature of the BMP180 is incorrectly converted to a 16-bit signed value, instead of a 32-bit signed value (long). Since the data is 16-bits wide and can therefore not be negative, the easy fix would be to do the following:

sip.js(1128): uncompensated = uint16(data[0], data[1]);

Please see page 15 of the manual of the BMP180 chip:

cp2004 commented Dec 4, 2021

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

If a printer pauses the print without the user asking it to - for example, on the Prusa MK3S it will pause if the fan speeds are too low - it can leave users clueless. Likewise I guess if a filament sensor triggered.

OctoPrint logs the reason for pausing/cancelling from API calls and plugins, but it doesn't seem to from actio

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🏠 Home Assistant configuration & Documentation for my Smart House. Write-ups, videos, part lists, and links throughout. Be sure to it. Updated FREQUENTLY!

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mackshot commented Jun 1, 2020

Hello everybody,

first of all thank you for this project.

Introductional words

I uses this project to set up a wlan access point for my parents who have a mobile home and are travelling through europe. That said, I am using the WLAN CLIENT option and ethernet is not used for now.
When there is no Wifi around an additional use case for my parents is to connect to 4G networks via a sma

tomikaa87 commented Dec 30, 2020

Blynk library version: master branch at 144a90f3bdb66c3b6c03cce0335c1f1e304d91d6
IDE: VS Code + PlatformIO
IDE version: 1.52.1
Board type: ESP8266
Additional modules: Arduino ESP8266

Scenario, steps to reproduce blocks if there is no internet connection on the network and connecting to a local server via SSL.
According to my investigation, `BlynkArduinoClientSecure::conn

good first issue

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Released July 2011