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Rust is a systems programming language created by Mozilla. It is similar to C++, but is designed for improved memory safety without sacrificing performance.

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bxantus commented Jun 13, 2022

For me it would make a lot of sense to run check in watch mode.
I think that adding check subcommand was a great idea, and running it in watch mode would provide the best development experience (at least for me). Also if I'm not mistaken it would check further edits faster, as typescript compiler is already warmed up after the first check.

deno check --watch
good first issue feat help wanted --watch
p32929 commented Apr 10, 2022

Describe the bug

Hello, first of all, thank you for making and maintaining Tauri.
So, 've been making a test app using Tauri. but it seems, the CTRL/COMMAND + Z keyboard shortcut ( along with many other keyboard shortcuts ) stops working inside the app.

I also have added a menu like this one:

0x326 commented Jun 27, 2022

Would it be possible for bat to read from the hidden_file_extensions property of .sublime-syntax files in addition to the file_extension property? For some projects, file types are have a different extension than usual, such as XML in C# and VB.NET projects (.csproj and .vbproj are written in XML syntax). These less common extensions seem to be already listed in some .sublime-syntax f

feature-request good first issue
curquiza commented Jun 29, 2022

In Meilisearch we don't want to use Dependabot since we have a loooooot of dependencies and Dependabot updates them one by one

Using the cron event in a GitHub Actions, we want a CI that creates a new issue every 3 months in this repository with

  • title: "Upgrade dependencies"

  • description:
    "We need to update the dependencies of the Meilisearch repository, and, if possible, the dependen

good first issue dependencies maintenance contribution accepted
rustdesk commented Jun 24, 2022

Discussed in rustdesk/rustdesk#815

Originally posted by youhers June 19, 2022
The client always needs to go around in circles for a long time to connect to the controlled end, but the web page does not. It can be connected with one click. What is the situation?

enhancement help wanted good first issue
kulicuu commented Jun 28, 2022

I am returning to WebGL work after some time away (with Vulkan) so may be misinterpreting something here, but...
The WebGL example loops through the render_gl function every frame. Therefore it's recompiling the shaders, linking them, all of this work that doesn't need to be repeated in the render loop.

Steps To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Start the app as

sourcebox commented May 31, 2021

I'm working on an application which mainly consists for sliders for parameter control. For better user experience, it would be nice to offer two features: reset to default and fine control.

On VST plugins this is normally done via double-clicks and/or modifier keys. E.g. double-clicking resets the slider to a default (mostly 0), alternatively Ctrl-/Cmd-Klick also does it. For fine control, ofte

feature good first issue widget
leogodin217 commented Sep 17, 2021

Describe the bug
Using a time dimension on a runningTotal measure on Snowflake mixes quoted and unquoted columns in the query. This fails the query, because Snowflake has specific rules about quoted columns. Specifically:

  • All unquoted column names are treated as upper case
  • Quoted column names are case sensitive.

So "date_from" <> date_from

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce

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tysaya123 commented Jun 6, 2020

It would be neat if you could change the color of the text that shows when the progress bar covers it without changing the background. My motivation is that I enjoy the black background but the default color can be hard to read on dark progress bar colors.

<img width="1423" alt="Screen Shot 2020-06-06 at 11 50 41 AM" src="

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