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Gunni commented Oct 13, 2021

Describe the bug
A clear and concise description of what the bug is.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to realtime
  2. Paste url wss://
  3. Observe connect is disabled
  4. Remove parameter, quickly undo it and click connect (also a bug)
  5. Send { "type": "ris_subscribe" } to the remote server
  6. Observe you receive
bug good first issue

Android开发人员不得不收集的工具类集合 | 支付宝支付 | 微信支付(统一下单) | 微信分享 | Zip4j压缩(支持分卷压缩与加密) | 一键集成UCrop选择圆形头像 | 一键集成二维码和条形码的扫描与生成 | 常用Dialog | WebView的封装可播放视频 | 仿斗鱼滑动验证码 | Toast封装 | 震动 | GPS | Location定位 | 图片缩放 | Exif 图片添加地理位置信息(经纬度) | 蛛网等级 | 颜色选择器 | ArcGis | VTPK | 编译运行一下说不定会找到惊喜

  • Updated Apr 10, 2022
  • Kotlin
Dionysusnu commented Dec 30, 2021

Hooks for scopes get a double prefix, ie @@scope, when shown with the npm hook ls command. This is due to the response from the web request already including the prefix in the name field, and the following lines of code then locally adding the prefix again, duplicating it.

Good First Issue Release 8.x Bug

大型内网渗透扫描器&Cobalt Strike,Ladon9.1.4内置150个模块,包含信息收集/存活主机/端口扫描/服务识别/密码爆破/漏洞检测/漏洞利用。漏洞检测含MS17010/SMBGhost/Weblogic/ActiveMQ/Tomcat/Struts2,密码口令爆破(Mysql/Oracle/MSSQL)/FTP/SSH(Linux)/VNC/Windows(IPC/WMI/SMB/Netbios/LDAP/SmbHash/WmiHash/Winrm),远程执行命令(smbexec/wmiexe/psexec/atexec/sshexec/webshell),降权提权Runas、GetSystem,Poc/Exploit,支持Cobalt Strike 3.X-4.0

  • Updated Apr 6, 2022
  • C#
dsyme commented Jun 3, 2022
  1. FCS has an ability to take SyntaxTree as inputs instead of text. It was added by @eiriktsarpalis way back, but is to my knowledge entirely unused today - especially given the rate of churn in the specification of SyntaxTree as trivia has been added and other things cleaned up. I propose we remove this for simplicity's sake. At some later point we can take parsed inputs as input but there is

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