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thavus commented May 15, 2022

Which @angular/* package(s) are the source of the bug?


Is this a regression?



The Documentation suggests that you can supply a function to runGuardsAndResolvers . The link will take you to the documentation where it gives the type.

So I supplied the following and saw that not only was my route guard s

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aschiffmann commented Apr 21, 2021


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Issue Description

When using the RateLimiter Middleware with a rate between 0 and 1 all events will be rejected instead of applying the specified rate. E.g.: e.Use(middleware.RateLimiter(middleware.NewRateLimiterMemoryStore(0.5)))

I am not saying that it is a common use case to have

Madoshakalaka commented Nov 25, 2021

This is about:

  • Other (Important Tips)

Component communication might deserve a dedicated page.

Ancestor -> Descendant

straightforward: passing props. Using a context if the descendants can be too deep down the tree.

Descedant -> Ancestor

This is not very obvious. In fact, two people asked the same question on Discord in one day. And personally, I had no clue either despite h

0xTim commented Jul 12, 2021

When sending a request body that decodes a Content type. If the request is sent as multipart with the right header set, but the body is empty, a 500 error is returned. This can cause problems with apps that have automatic reporting for internal server errors as it should be reported as a bad request

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mkurz commented Feb 3, 2022

We use sbt-dynver to set the version for the Play project based on git tags.
E.g. when you run sbt in the Play project folder you will see:

// If you haven't you need to get the Play framework source code
git clone
cd ./playframework

// You are in the master branch now, from which we want to rele

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