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Dolibarr on Docker

Docker image for Dolibarr with auto installer on first boot.

Supported tags

  • 15.0.3-php7.4 15.0.3 15
  • 16.0.5-php8.1 16.0.5 16
  • 17.0.3-php8.1 17.0.3 17
  • 18.0.3-php8.1 18.0.3 18 latest
  • develop

End of support for PHP < 7.4

Dolibarr versions 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 no more updated

Supported architectures

Linux x86-64 (amd64), ARMv7 32-bit (arm32v7 ⚠️ MariaDB/Mysql docker images don't support it) and ARMv8 64-bit (arm64v8)

What is Dolibarr ?

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is a modern software package to manage your organization's activity (contacts, suppliers, invoices, orders, stocks, agenda, ...).

More information

How to run this image ?

This image is based on the official PHP repository.

Important: This image don't contains database. So you need to link it with a database container.

Let's use Docker Compose to integrate it with MariaDB (you can also use MySQL if you prefer).

Create docker-compose.yml file as following:

version: "3"

        image: mariadb:latest
            MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: root
            MYSQL_DATABASE: dolibarr

        image: tuxgasy/dolibarr
            DOLI_DB_HOST: mariadb
            DOLI_DB_USER: root
            DOLI_DB_PASSWORD: root
            DOLI_DB_NAME: dolibarr
            DOLI_URL_ROOT: ''
            PHP_INI_DATE_TIMEZONE: 'Europe/Paris'
            - "80:80"
            - mariadb

Then run all services docker-compose up -d. Now, go to to access to the new Dolibarr installation.

Other examples

You can find several examples in the examples directory, such as:

Upgrading version and migrating DB

The install.lock file is located inside the container volume /var/www/documents.

Remove the install.lock file and start an updated version container. Ensure that env DOLI_INSTALL_AUTO is set to 1. It will migrate Database to the new version. You can still use the standard way to upgrade through web interface.

Early support for PostgreSQL

Setting DOLI_DB_TYPE to pgsql enable Dolibarr to run with a PostgreSQL database. When set to use pgsql, Dolibarr must be installed manually on it's first execution:

  • Browse to;
  • Follow the installation setup;
  • Add install.lock inside the container volume /var/www/html/documents (ex docker-compose exec services-data_dolibarr_1 /bin/bash -c "touch /var/www/html/documents/install.lock").

When setup this way, to upgrade version the use of the web interface is mandatory:

  • Remove the install.lock file (ex docker-compose exec services-data_dolibarr_1 /bin/bash -c "rm -f /var/www/html/documents/install.lock").
  • Browse to;
  • Upgrade DB;
  • Add install.lock inside the container volume /var/www/html/documents (ex docker-compose exec services-data_dolibarr_1 /bin/bash -c "touch /var/www/html/documents/install.lock").

Environment variables summary

Variable Default value Description
DOLI_INSTALL_AUTO 1 1: The installation will be executed on first boot
DOLI_PROD 1 1: Dolibarr will be run in production mode
DOLI_DB_TYPE mysqli Type of the DB server (mysqli, pgsql)
DOLI_DB_HOST mysql Host name of the MariaDB/MySQL server
DOLI_DB_HOST_PORT 3306 Host port of the MariaDB/MySQL server
DOLI_DB_USER doli Database user
DOLI_DB_PASSWORD doli_pass Database user's password
DOLI_DB_NAME dolidb Database name
DOLI_ADMIN_LOGIN admin Admin's login create on the first boot
DOLI_ADMIN_PASSWORD admin Admin'password
DOLI_URL_ROOT http://localhost Url root of the Dolibarr installation
PHP_INI_UPLOAD_MAX_FILESIZE 2M PHP Maximum allowed size for uploaded files
PHP_INI_POST_MAX_SIZE 8M PHP Maximum size of POST data that PHP will accept.
PHP_INI_ALLOW_URL_FOPEN 0 Allow URL-aware fopen wrappers
WWW_USER_ID ID of user www-data. ID will not changed if leave empty. During a development, it is very practical to put the same ID as the host user.
WWW_GROUP_ID ID of group www-data. ID will not changed if leave empty.
DOLI_AUTH dolibarr Which method is used to connect users, change to ldap or ldap, dolibarr to use LDAP
DOLI_LDAP_HOST The host of the LDAP server
DOLI_LDAP_PORT 389 The port of the LDAP server
DOLI_LDAP_VERSION 3 The version of LDAP to use
DOLI_LDAP_SERVER_TYPE openldap The type of LDAP server (openLDAP, Active Directory, eGroupWare)
DOLI_LDAP_LOGIN_ATTRIBUTE uid The attribute used to bind users
DOLI_LDAP_DN ou=users,dc=my-domain,dc=com The base where to look for users
DOLI_LDAP_FILTER The filter to authorise users to connect
DOLI_LDAP_BIND_DN The complete DN of the user with read access on users
DOLI_LDAP_BIND_PASS The password of the bind user
DOLI_LDAP_DEBUG false Activate debug mode
DOLI_CRON 0 1: Enable cron service
DOLI_CRON_KEY Security key launch cron jobs
DOLI_CRON_USER Dolibarr user used for cron jobs
DOLI_INSTANCE_UNIQUE_ID Secret ID used as a salt / key for some encryption. By default, it is set randomly when the docker container is created.

Some environment variables are compatible with docker secrets behaviour, just add the _FILE suffix to var name and point the value file to read. Environment variables that are compatible with docker secrets: